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Summary of Qualifications

On this page, you will find the definition of Summary of Qualification, learn how to write your own, and see many examples.

Reference: How to Write a Summary of Qualifications for a Resume by Carrie Shea Thomas

Summary of Qualifications (Replacing the Objective) is 3-5 concise sentences and is the first section listed on a resume.  It is a summary of your most pertinent experience and qualifications that is customized for the position in which you are applying. This is also a place where attributes, such as punctuality and honesty, can be conveyed that would otherwise not be appropriate under work experience.  Use the job description to help identify the areas of expertise, distinction, traits and related experiences you have without using the words “I” or “My”. 

How to Write

  • Brainstorm about the skills and attributes that you possess. These skills need to pertain to the type of job you are trying to obtain. It might be helpful to reference the job description. Start writing down skills such as "Proficient in Microsoft Office applications," "Punctual," "Created employee handbooks," "Ranked No. 1 salesperson in past two positions," etc. Write down as many as you can and then narrow the list later. It can also be helpful to brainstorm with someone who knows you in the working world, because they might be able to suggest traits that you were not aware of.

  • Review your list. You might be able to combine multiple items to create one thorough bullet point. For example, list items such as “Punctual,” “Proficient in AutoCAD,” “Completes projects under budget” and “goal-oriented” could be combined to read “Punctual AutoCAD professional with a track record for finishing projects on time and under budget.”

  • Compare your list to your work experience. Does your list help summarize your work? Does your list summarize the skills for the job you want to obtain? If not, work on creating a more accurate list. If your list includes "Ability to read people" and you have held jobs that do not require customer service, adjust your skill to read "Ability to work well with a team by understanding the needs of my peers."

  • Narrow your list to three to five bullet points that most accurately and effectively summarize your work experience. These bullet points are the first list on your resume and can be the only area a recruiter may read; make sure that these bullet points reflect how you want to be summarized as a potential candidate. Keep in mind that a resume is never complete, and new work experiences or a new career direction affect the content of your summary of qualifications.
Example #1
  • Three years experience working in the_______ (fill in the blank) industry
  • Competent at managing responsibilities in a high-volume atmosphere
  • Skilled at interacting with customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Hard worker, quick learner, and ability to assume responsibility

Example #2

  • Work well under pressure as part of a team
  • Well-groomed appearance
  • Polite, respectful, and courteous manners
  • Responsible, efficient, and flexible
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, intense environment smoothly
  • Ability to elicit confidence and build rapport
  • Talented in problem solving and office system design
Example #3
  • Quick learner, eager to further my _____(fill in the blank) knowledge and skills
  • Meticulous worker; attentive to quality and detail
  • Able and willing to assist co-workers, supervisors, and clients in a cooperative manner
  • Committed to providing total quality work
  • Dependable employee with common sense and a variety of skills
  • Work well under pressure to meet deadlines

Example #4

  • Ability to balance books and handle finances in a responsible manner
  • Expert knowledge of computer software packages
  • Work cooperatively with a wide range of personalities
  • Proven ability to gain customer’s confidence and trust
  • Relates easily with all levels of co-workers and customers
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Collaborate easily with co-workers and work well independently

Example #5

  • Possess excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Perform effectively despite sudden deadlines and changing priorities
  • Proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems
  • Highly reliable self starter; can be counted on to complete assignments
  • Proven competence in working with others in a team effort
Example #6
  • Worked both as a crew member and independently
  • Get along well with employers and coworkers
  • Experienced in customer relations
  • Self-motivated; able to learn on own initiative
  • Excellent record of dependability and reliability
  • Versatile and multi-skilled person

Example #7

  • Competent and reliable professional, committed to top quality work
  • Versatile and multi-skilled person
  • Resourceful in solving problems and maximizing resources
  • Enthusiastic, dependable, self-motivated
  • Skilled in handling the public with diplomacy and professionalism
  • Excellent hand and eye coordination and a safe work record
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to new equipment & technology
Example #8
  • Strong skills in organizing workflow, ideas, materials, people
  • Hired, trained and supervised work crews
  • In-depth knowledge of ______(fill in the blank)
  • Proficient in the use of computers
  • Sensitive, caring and professional attitude toward staff, patients, and their families
  • Responsible, dependable, punctual; take pride in work
  • Skilled at working with people with diverse backgrounds
  • Excellent leadership skills and training