The CRC  hosts event for students and alumni  throughout the year. 
Alumni Career Chats
An opportunity for alumni to meet with current students to discuss how Sterling prepared them for the careers they currently hold.  These are informal chats that take place over a meal.  If you are an alumnus/alumna and are interested in taking part in an Alumni Career Chat, please contact the CRC staff.

Annual Environmental Career Fair
Organizations from all over attend the Annual Environmental Career Fair.  Sterling students are looking for internships, research projects, seasonal and full-time employment, and other postgraduate opportunities.  Please contact us if you would like to be on the  mailing list for this event or if you have any questions. (This event will not be taking place in 2014.)

Recruiter Visits
Sterling College students have a wonderful reputation and organizations seek them out.  Recruiters are welcome to visit the campus throughout the year. Please contact the CRC staff if you are interested in visiting Sterling College.

Senior Exit Rap Sessions
Senior Exit Rap Sessions occur during a student's senior year in conjunction with the Alumni Relations department. This is an opportunity for seniors to reflect on their career development while creating plans for the upcoming transition.